LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.

About Tangent Company and the LandSaver® MBR

Tangent Company is an innovator in on-site domestic and commercial water treatment and recycling. Our technology includes a full range of solutions for treating wastewater, whether for discharge of high-quality effluent, one-time water reuse, or complete closed-loop water recycling for non-potable and even drinking water use.  Pictured above is effluent from the LandSaver® MBR. It’s pathogen-free, reuse quality water that is safe for discharge to the environment.

Tangent is based in Ohio and started as a research and development company to solve water issues for facilities not connected to municipal wastewater and drinking water utilities. The company spent ten years developing technologies, including the LandSaver® MBR Home Sewage Treatment System. It is based on best available municipal wastewater treatment plant technology. It’s purpose is to protect homeowners and the environment from harmful contaminants and pathogens that typically are discharged from home septic systems based on 30-year-old and older technologies.

Tangent’s company mission is to provide fail-safe technology to treat water and ensure its return to the environment cleaner than it was originally found.

Painting by Carol Prior, wife of Tangent founder, the late Bill Prior


Tangent has also developed the WaterCycle® closed-loop water purification system. It builds on the performance of LandSaver® MBR wastewater treatment and further purifies treated wastewater so it can be used inside a home for non-potable and drinking water use. Tangent has been operating the only direct potable reuse system in the country since 2012 under a permit from the Ohio Department of Health.

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