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Is there an alternative to a mound for your septic system?

Have you been advised you need to install a mound for your septic system? Ohio rules provide several options for treating sewage on your property. Keep reading – you may have other options!

Septic systems with mounds

Mounds traditionally have been used when a leach field is not possible due to poor soil conditions or a lack of space on the lot. In fact, many homeowners may think they don’t have any other choice when a county health department or system designer recommends a mound.

Alternative to Mound Septic System

What does building a treatment mound involve?

You will need to have several feet of special sand and soil hauled in to sit on a large portion of your property to treat the home’s wastewater. Pipes are placed near the top of the mound to vent it.

Mounds can be unsightly and must be restricted from human or pet access, which renders part of your lot unusable.  Also, in heavy rains sewage contamination can wash to the surface and flow down the sides of the mound.  It’s no wonder that homeowners want to know if there is another option!

The good news is that there are updated dispersal technologies that are safe, discreet, and don’t take up a lot of space. 


Two alternatives to a mound that you may consider:

Both of these options should be paired with an approved sewage treatment system that includes a high level of wastewater treatment, first and foremost, so it is safe to disperse.  Make sure you research your system options and look for a performance warranty that the system will perform well in the variety of conditions it will encounter.  This will also ensure that solids that could potentially clog the drip tubes or spray heads are removed with treatment. Spray dispersal is not an option if you have a septic tank without wastewater treatment.


Should you choose drip irrigation or spray dispersal as an alternative to a mound?

Your property layout, topography, and budget will influence your choice here. 

Here at Tangent Company, we work with many homeowners who are especially interested in the drip irrigation option. They find that they can use more of their land, which is especially helpful if the lot is small. And unlike a mound or even a spray system, drip irrigation is essentially invisible.

If a mound system has been recommended for you, we can help you find out if you have other options based on your layout, topography, and budget. You may be able to avoid an unsightly mound on your property and preserve more of your land! Contact our team at Tangent Company to discuss your options today. 


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