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Pre-Treatment Septic Systems

Learn About Pre-Treated Wastewater

There are three general options for the treatment and dispersal of the wastewater from your home: untreated wastewater systems, pre-treatment systems, and full-treatment systems.

Sewage Pre-Treatment paired with a Leach Field, a Mound, or Restricted Spray Dispersal

Another option is to add some type of wastewater pre-treatment to your septic system that provides additional air to be used by the beneficial bacteria. If you do not have enough good soil to treat the sewage that flows from your home, you can reduce the area needed by pre-treating the sewage.

When you partially treat the wastewater, you will still need to have some area dedicated for a leach field or a mound, but typically not as much. Please note: With a partial treatment system, the leach field or mound is still a restricted area because it is not fully treated and not safe for contact with humans or pets.

Depending on state rules and the level of treatment achieved by an aeration system, you may also be able to disperse a more treated wastewater above ground with a spray dispersal system.

What is restricted spray dispersal?

A spray dispersal system works at night like a large lawn sprinkler, spraying treated wastewater onto a designated area.

Keep in mind, if you are spraying wastewater that is not fully treated, you must make sure it is sprayed only on an area of land that is restricted from any human or pet contact! Read more about pet safety here.

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