LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.

The LandSaver® MBR Difference

Once you’ve obtained your soils analysis, you are on your way to making a decision about the type of wastewater treatment and dispersal system that will be the best fit for your land.

If you have problematic soil or beautiful trees you don’t want to remove, or if you simply don’t have enough space for a leach field or mound, consider the LandSaver® MBR by Tangent. The LandSaver MBR fully treats your wastewater before dispersing it onto your property and provides the most flexibility in where the treated water can be dispersed.

Find out if the LandSaver MBR is the right fit for your property.

A Safe Alternative to Septic

The LandSaver® MBR by Tangent fully treats all effluent dispersed from your house to near non-detectable contaminant levels.

A Better Option

Land Requirements

The LandSaver® MBR can often be installed where leach and mounds cannot because it fully treats your wastewater before dispersing it onto your property.

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How to Order

Find out if the LandSaver® MBR can be accommodated on your land.

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Authorized Service Providers

See a list of LandSaver® MBR services providers approved for residential and commercial use.

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