LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.
The LandSaver® MBR Difference


“I have a failed septic system and wanted to upgrade to a treatment system with spray dispersal.  I selected a LandSaver MBR with freeze-free spray to avoid problems and make sure my kids and pets were protected.”
-C. H.,  Homeowner from Ohio


“I thought I was going to have to put a mound dispersal system on my small property like my neighbors have.  The LandSaver people were able to design a drip irrigation system that will be hidden in my lawn.”
-A. S., Homeowner from Ohio


“I could have chosen a septic tank and leach field, but I didn’t want 50-year old technology. Tangent helped me get the best available treatment for my new home.”
-N.C., Homeowner from Ohio


“The LandSaver MBR helps me offer customers wanting spray dispersal a system with odor free, high-quality effluent ensured to pass sampling inspections.   One that will not freeze or plug.”
-E. N., Designer and Contractor


“The LandSaver MBR is a good fit for the restricted space lots and poor soils that I see often in Ohio.  I am enthusiastic about seeing it paired with simple drip dispersal to solve many problems.”
-S. P., Soils Scientist


“We purchased a home with a failed septic system. Tangent helped us use the escrow money to get a system that will always pass inspections.”
-J.J., Home Buyer in Ohio


“I couldn’t get a septic permit and couldn’t build a home on my land. Tangent worked with regulators to make my new home possible using a LandSaver MBR.”
-M.B., Building a Home in Ohio


“We selected a LandSaver MBR drip irrigation system as a perfect fit for our small school property.  We also plan to use the system to teach children about water treatment and reuse.”
-M. P., Facilities Director


“I can’t sleep at night thinking of the difficult sites and conditions your system solves!”
-J.T., Septic System Installer

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