LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.
The LandSaver® MBR Difference

The LandSaver® MBR System

What’s In Your Yard? Fully treated sewage (ensured treatment from the LandSaver® MBR), partially treated sewage (aeration system), or untreated sewage (septic system)

The LandSaver® MBR is an advanced wastewater treatment system that produces safe, environmentally friendly effluent. It can be combined with dispersal systems that do not require extensive digging or tree removal, making the installation less intrusive and more cost-effective. The biggest difference of the LandSaver® MBR, however, is that the dispersed effluent is the safest and cleanest available and will prevent failed sewage treatment inspections.

The LandSaver® MBR solves challenges that conventional septic systems cannot while lowering the cost of difficult installations, preserving land and trees, and creating a reuse quality water stream that is safe to discharge.

Approval standards vary by state. In Ohio and Arizona, for example, the LandSaver MBR has the highest level of approval available in any state. In Ohio, it is approved for discharge off of the property under an EPA permit and also for unrestricted surface discharge via spray irrigation on a property. In Arizona, it is rated non-detectable for fecal coliforms and near non-detect for other contaminants. This means in Arizona, no system can disperse effluent into a smaller area. Ask us about the availability of the LandSaver MBR in your state.

What Are the Advantages of the LandSaver® MBR?

The LandSaver® MBR creates four important advantages for homeowners:

  1. It fully treats all effluent dispersed from the house to near non-detectable contaminant levels. The Tangent technology incorporates an ultrafilter that will not allow discharge of untreated effluent. Other technologies typically approved by a state do not have a barrier or mechanism to always prevent dispersal of poorly treated sewage. This is particularly an issue during periods of heavy water use by the household or heavy rains that saturate subsurface dispersal fields and allow sewage to surface on a lawn.
  2. It protects underground or mound dispersal systems from clogging. Subsurface dispersal systems are a significant investment and require digging up or placing them on large tracts of land that then cannot be otherwise used. Poorly treated effluent sent into these dispersal systems can permanently clog them and lead to the need for an untimely and expensive replacement somewhere else on the property.
  3. The high-quality effluent can be disposed of on site without the need for subsurface leach fields or sand mounds, if a state allows discharge above ground. An effluent treated to a quality for Unrestricted Surface discharge can be dispersed on lawns and other places where people and pets are expected to come into contact with it. Typically, spray dispersal equipment and installation costs are below that for subsurface leach field, sand mound, or drip systems.
  4. The LandSaver MBR has a worry-free, fail-safe control system that provides early warning should service be required. The controls track performance of individual components and use amber and red lights to remind homeowners when to schedule routine service. They alert when near term service is needed, when to cut back on water use until the system catches up, and when to call a service technician for an immediate issue. System diagnostics inform the service technician which specific components need servicing.

How Does the LandSaver® MBR Work?

The LandSaver MBR is a simple adaptation of advanced municipal wastewater treatment. Treatment is contained in three 500-gallon plastic tanks or concrete vessels and has a design capacity of 600 GPD, sufficient for either a four-bedroom or five-bedroom home, depending on state regulations.

  1. Wastewater first flows into the Primary Tank where heavier solids and floatable fats, oil, and grease naturally separate. Biological treatment also begins in this tank.
  2. Water flows by gravity from the middle of the Primary Tank to the Equalization Tank. Flow surges from heavy water use, such as laundry days or house guests, are stored and managed by this tank.
  3. Water is then pumped from the Equalization Tank to the Aerobic/Ultrafiltration Tank, where complete breakdown of organic matter takes place in the aerated outer chamber. This chamber contains a floating plastic media that supports large, healthy colonies of beneficial bacteria that digest the organic matter.
  4. Water is then drawn through a self-cleaning ultrafilter membrane inside the Ultrafiltration Unit housed in the Aerobic Tank.
  5. Clean water then passes through an integrated UV disinfection module that deactivates any remaining pathogens. A sludge management system circulates solids from the Aerobic Tank back to the Primary Tank.

An MBR Ultrafilter Filters Out All Bacteria

The LandSaver® MBR’s Ultrafiltration Unit is contained in the Aerobic Tank. It features simple, yet advanced technology that fully treats, filters, and disinfects your home’s waster.


Worry-Free, Fail-Safe Operation

The LandSaver® MBR has multiple fail-safe mechanisms designed to never allow discharge of inadequately treated effluent. They protect the homeowner from any discharge-related issues and liability, and operate without owner interaction.

Service is performed twice a year by a certified technician using simple hand tools. All system components are serviceable, replaceable, and warranted, provided recommended service is followed. Membrane filter cleaning is accomplished through continuous daily air scouring. An additional bleach-based cleaning cycle is run by a service technician during bi-annual service visits.

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