LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.

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Tangent welcomes the opportunity to work with soil scientists, system designers, installation contractors, service companies, realtors, builders, and regulators to find solutions to challenging lots that are expensive or currently off limits for a reasonable on-site sewage treatment system.

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Capacities and Approvals

The Tangent LandSaver® MBR is generally approved in Ohio for NPDES and unrestricted access sites up to 600 GPD. Tangent also offers the LandSaver® MBR 2x for non-generally approved applications up to 1200 GPD.

Here’s a link to the 600 GPD treatment train and dispersal credits approved in Ohio.


In Arizona, the Tangent LandSaver® MBR approval includes the special status of achieving reduction of fecal coliforms to nominally non-detect levels. It is approved for 600 GPD applications in both plastic and concrete tank configurations. Contact us for more information.


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We are ready to work with you to solve difficult design and installation challenges that you and your clients face. The LandSaver MBR is helping find sewage treatment solutions for difficult and previously undevelopable properties.

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