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Do you see puddles around your septic system when it rains?

During periods of heavy rain, do you notice any of these 3 warning signs in your yard, particularly where your septic dispersal field is?

  1. Extra puddles
  2. Soft, mushy ground
  3. Septic odor

A leach field is designed to move partially or untreated sewage into the ground. But during heavy rain, the normal seasonal water level in the yard comes up to a higher level.

This means that underground matter can wash up to the surface of your yard – including bacteria and contaminants from untreated sewage in a leach field. 

If these contaminants are in your yard, pets or kids could come in contact with them or even track them into your house. (So be sure to wipe your pet’s feet and take off your shoes after a rainy day!)

Backed up septic system
Puddles in your yard could mean that your septic system is failing.

Unfortunately, this is one of the risks of having a leach field. And it’s one reason you want to consider a wastewater system that fully treats sewage before it goes into the ground.  

How can you tell if wastewater from your treatment system is contaminated or clean? First, when you purchase a new system, make sure it has a sample tap so the quality of the wastewater going into your leach field can be tested.  Also consider adding UV disinfection to the system. Every year it is a good idea to have your septic service company sample the system to let you know how it is working.  You want to make sure solids (measured as TSS or Total Suspended Solids) are not flowing into and plugging your leach field.  A test sample can also let you know if the treated effluent is free of harmful bacteria.

If you’re concerned about the levels of bacteria in your home’s wastewater, we can help. The LandSaver® MBR fully treats wastewater so that it’s virtually free of contaminants and bacteria. This means you don’t have to worry about anything dangerous washing up into your yard during periods of heavy rain. 

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