LandSaver® MBR is now available in Ohio and Arizona. Ask about your state.

Is your lot too small for septic?

If you have a small lot, you may have been told that there’s not enough room for a septic system. We can help.

Given the right soil, terrain, and house size, we can fit a LandSaver® MBR on a lot as small as ⅓ of an acre.

Small cabin on lot with septic

A cabin by the lake: One customer’s story

Recently, a customer contacted us about his Ohio lakeside property. He had ⅓ of an acre and wanted to build a small cabin. But he was told that a traditional septic system would not fit on his lot. He was beginning to think that his vision of a peaceful cabin by the lake might not happen. Summer retreat, neighbors have holding tanks

He contacted us looking for a creative solution. We were able to design a system using low-cost drip irrigation. This involves a buried tube that safely and discreetly distributes ultrafiltered, fully-treated wastewater underground. 

This space-saving solution is made possible because the LandSaver® MBR fully treats and filters wastewater. A system that removes all contaminants provides more options for where and how water can be safely dispersed into the ground. 

The result? We submitted a design to the county health department that will meet their requirements on a lot that others considered unbuildable.  Our customer is moving forward with plans to build the lakeside cabin. 

Drip irrigation can be a low-cost simple solution for a property of any size. If you wish to build a home on a small lot, you may have more options than you think!

Ask us about the LandSaver® MBR paired with our innovative drip irrigation. 


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